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Buying Beer Direct from the Brewery

Planning a party, having friends round for a barbecue (note spelling of barbecue is 'barbecue', not 'barbeque') or just want to enjoy some real ale at home in front of the telly? Then buying beer direct from the brewery couldn't be easier. We sell our beer to the public in single bottles, cases of 12 bottles, beer in a box (20 litres) and firkins (40 litre casks). NB: If you want 20 or 40 litres, please give us 48 hours notice so we can rack the beer bright for you.

You want 12 bottles of beer but not all of the same flavour? Don't worry, you can Pick'N'Mix from what we have available.

AND....If it makes life easier for you, simply order from us and collect from our good friends at Favourite Beers in Cheltenham. (Fridays Only)

Single Bottles (500 ml)
£2.50 (Less than 4.5% abv) £3.00 (4.5% abv and above)

Case of 12 Bottles

Case of 12 Bottles BY POST

Beer in a box (20 litres - Approx 36 pints)
£57.50 (Less than 4.5% abv) £60.00 (4.5% abv and above)

Firkin (40 litres - Approx 72 pints)
£95.00 (Less than 4.5% abv) £100.00 (4.5% abv and above)

Please note that we can only accept cheques or cash and when buying a firkin of beer we will require a £50 deposit for the firkin and tap. Sorry about that, but this stuff is expensive.

Real Ale brewed in the heart of the Cotswolds