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The Brewery

The Cotswold Lion brewery is an 'artisan' brewery. If that sounds pretentious, then think of it as a 'craft' brewery. If that doesn't help ....
Our brewery isn't a push button, computer controlled factory, run by accountants churning out mass produced goods at low cost.

Our brewing process is carried out by hand and monitored by human observation and experience; eyes, nose and taste. A process unchanged for hundreds of years. We don't try and be clever by adding Goji berries, Indian spices or small hedgerow mammals. We stick to the four basic ingredients of beer; water, malt, hops & yeast. If we feel that this season's hops don't pack enough punch, we will gladly add more. Are we happy to pay a little extra to ensure that our malt is the finest locally grown Marris Otter Pale Ale Malt? Yes, we are. Do we finish each day's work with sweat on our brows, rosy cheeks and a smile on our faces? Yes, we do.

We call ourselves 'brewers', but to be really honest, we just assemble the ingredients and let the yeast do all the hard work. Millions and Millions and Millions of tiny brewers, all working together to digest a range of simple sugars and produce CO2 and alcohol.

Real Ale brewed in the heart of the Cotswolds